Resiliency + Rest + Creativity

“Kids are full of life and wonder.
They’re growing.
They embody the creative spirit.
We want all these things as grownups.”
Len Wilson in his book
Think Like a 5-Year-Old: Reclaim Your Wonder & Create Great Things

It is important to practice self-care in doing this Christian life for the long haul.

It is important to have a keen sense of self-awareness and knowing when you need —it is absolutely essential to our faith and to our lives.

We need to find ways to include the contemplative in our life—practices that slow us down, and help us reflect, rest, and learn–space to be able to wonder as we wander this life and journey of faith.

For Christians, spiritual practices of contemplation, prayer, reflection, and stillness help propel us as leaders into the community—these practices of reflection and contemplation help ground us in God’s Love and in our true selves.

From this place of stillness and stability, which is found in a sense of belonging in community, we have a communal capacity to act and risk in living out our faith.