Snow in Atlanta!

Next time it snows during a worship service, I too may be tempted to run outside and enjoy the snow.

snowy streets

So, a rare and exciting thing happened yesterday…it snowed 2 or 3 inches here in Atlanta. I’m not sure, but I think that the last time it snowed this much was back in what many Georgians call the “blizzard of ’93.” I was only 10 years old when that happened–wow.

For us here in the southlands it is a rare occasion when we get to see snow, much less enjoy it–and, since it was a Sunday, we actually got to enjoy it a little bit. Even if we still had to go to work today…

glenn umc snow

Because of the rain and the cold, we decided to drive to church,  Glenn Memorial UMC on Emory’s campus. As the Rev. Dr. David Jones was beginning his sermon entitled “Spring Training” he made an observant comment to the effect that it certainly was “spring” outside, as it had just begun snowing. We watched as everyone in the Glenn congregation turned their heads to the windows on either side of the sanctuary and there was a small amount of “murmuring” from the congregation–both young and old. Rev. Jones’ sermon was about Jesus’ being tempted out in the desert and about how Lent was in part a remembrance of this–but that we should not bear any difficult situation or circumstance by complaining or “murmuring” as the hebrew puts it in the Exodus story, but that we should tighten our belts, listen to the wisdom of our parents and grandparents from the depression era, and celebrate the good things that we do have–even as we are in the midst of difficult times.

A few minutes after Rev. Jones announced the snow fall outside, one of the children ran down the side aisle shouting “its snowing!” Then he ran back in, unaware or not caring that the whole of the church was watching and “murmuring“–and then ran back outside. Rev. Jones didn’t miss a beat, but mentioned that if two of the older, more established members ran outside, then we’d really be in trouble. The congregation laughed and the worship service continued in the singing of hymns, the serving of bread and wine, and the fellowship of God’s people–all while the year’s first snow fell softly round.

Snow people After getting home and having some homemade chicken noodle soup, Frances and I made some snow people. We had a great time as playing in the snow is something that neither of us had done in a while.

Next time it snows during a worship service, I too may be tempted to run outside and enjoy the snow.