Name It and Claim It

The title “Half Truths” comes from Rev. Adam Hamilton’s book of the same name — but the sermons are our own here at Oak Grove. We’re talking about things that have a kernel of truth and are rooted in truth, but are used in unhelpful or inaccurate ways in relation to scripture and the life of faith. Many of these statements have become very common in the mainstream Christian language and practice: “God Never Gives you More than you can handle” — “God helps those who help themselves” — “Everything Happens for a Reason” — and this sermon looks at “Name It and Claim It,” the so called “prosperity gospel,” and what it truly means to be “#blessed.”

Listen here:

“The Greatest Must be Servant of All”

“There’s something about kids and how they can make us stop in our tracks…a child changes our perceptions of a scenario or situation….”

This was a difficult sermon/homily to write in light of the ongoing crises in our world and how they disproportionately affect vulnerable people groups and children. This is my Homily/Sermon from this past Weds Night Worship on Mark 9:30-37 at Emory Wesley Fellowship, the United Methodist Campus Ministry at Emory University in Atlanta, GA on 2015.09.16.

Ascension Sunday Sermon

video of my sermon on Luke 24:44-53 (the Ascension of Jesus) May 16th, 2010 at Glenn Memorial UMC

As friends, family, and students have requested, here is the video of my sermon on Luke 24:44-53 (the Ascension of Jesus) May 16th, 2010 at the 8:30am Worship Service at Glenn Memorial UMC ( in the Little Chapel. (the audio is not super awesome–sorry)

For a pdf of the sermon’s text, click here (no plagiarizing please)