Jackson Street Bridge

There are a variety of times I’ve come to this iconic photography landmark of Atlanta–the Jackson Street Bridge — which is just past the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Site and overlooking Freedom Parkway and the Atlanta Skyline. Most every time I’ve come here to look at this epic Atlanta vista, I’ve come with a camera (or two) in hand. This most recent visit Friday visit was to see what it looks like in the only time of day I had not yet been there–midday–to see how the light falls.

My favorite time to come by (like most everyone else in ATL) is to come at sunset (come early before sunset and come hungry to stake out your spot as folks line up with everything from fancy DSLRs to Cinema Cameras shooting  music videos to cell phones capturing selfies.  Also, it looks great in early morning light — and is much less crowded!

NewAmP ATL Jackson Bridge -1 (original)“GaLovesRefugees” on Jackson Street Bridge, Atlanta Skyline, © Joseph McBrayer, 2019

Here’s another capture from the same place on Jackson Street Bridge at night for a project in 2016 with long exposure (30s?) and light trails from the traffic and a plane in the dusk sky.

ATL skyline-5
“let the night begin” on Jackson Street Bridge, Atlanta Skyline, © Joseph McBrayer, 2016

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